Moving In

I guess this is the digital version of hitting the walls with emulsion, putting down a few carpets and bringing in some furniture.  I've gone round in circles trying to find a Blogger template that looks good both on desktop and mobile, but I think I'm there. I've spent far too long looking at the Blogger vs Wordpress argument. Any more time spent down that particular rabbit hole and don't think I'll ever get back. I think I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out how to hide menus I don't want. Roselyn Tirado, Unsplash The place is pretty much how I like for now though. It's got a title, an About page and a link to my Facebook page (currently with no followers, no likes, but we've all got to start somewhere 🤣). This post is really just to see what the place looks like with a couple of posts. A quick check... yeah, I quite like it. So for now, I'm all done and dusted and ready to go.  Now I just need something to blog about.   

Author photographs

Oh, what to put as an opening post on a new blog. How about an author photo? Those always look cool. Now... should I go for stark lighting with a black background, all dark and baroque?  I could do one with me holding a fountain pen, a finger to my chin in a pose of artistic contemplation.  Or I could go for a soft focus and muted tones with bookshelves in the background and the line, "Author, Colin Natton, relaxing in his private library." Ah... the thing is, I don't write with a fountain pen and I don't have a private library. But more than that,  polished author photographs rarely look like the real person. It's like professional catfishing.  So here's a shot of me in my kitchen washing the dishes.  Can't get more real than that. Apart from the hair wax. 🤣