Author photographs

Oh, what to put as an opening post on a new blog. How about an author photo? Those always look cool. Now... should I go for stark lighting with a black background, all dark and baroque? 

I could do one with me holding a fountain pen, a finger to my chin in a pose of artistic contemplation. 

Or I could go for a soft focus and muted tones with bookshelves in the background and the line, "Author, Colin Natton, relaxing in his private library."

Ah... the thing is, I don't write with a fountain pen and I don't have a private library. But more than that,  polished author photographs rarely look like the real person. It's like professional catfishing. 

So here's a shot of me in my kitchen washing the dishes. 

Can't get more real than that.

Apart from the hair wax. 🤣


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