Trust Me. I'm a Liar

Adrian Heart is a professional liar. Having failed as a magician, he now works as a psychic, relying on trickery and special effects to fool his audience. But with numbers dwindling, his hopes of success are slowly spiralling into oblivion. 

Hannah seems to attract conmen, from her rat of an ex to the mystery saboteur trying to destroy her career. To make matters worse, the only way to keep her head above water is by catering to the eccentric demands of an overbearing boss whose latest idea might just tip Hannah over the edge.

Just when they both think their lives can't get any worse, their paths cross and something clicks. 

Fuelled by the desire to see Hannah once again, a spark ignites in Adrian’s mind as he formulates a plan. A plan that won't just bring him closer to Hannah, it will put him back at the top of his game. 

All she needs to do is trust him.

Trust Me. I'm a Liar is a romantic comedy about a little white lie that grows like a weed.

Trust Me. I'm an Artist

Hannah has a commission. A genuine commission. But the house in question is odd to the extreme. How can a building feel like it’s laughing at you? How can mere bricks and mortar defy anyone trying to capture their architectural madness?

Could it be that the house once belonged to Harvey Mills, the renowned stage magician and illusionist who refused to believe in the paranormal? And why is it that now he's gone, his widow is convinced that Harvey has returned? 

And what of the cellar, filled with stage props from a career spanning decades, where dust sheets fall and props move of their own accord?

There is little doubt that something rather strange is going on at Aunt Mary's place in the country. Who better to investigate such strange happenings than fake medium, Adrian Heart.

Trust Me. I'm an Artist is a romantic comedy of hauntings, illusions and long-hidden secrets.


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